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Get involved

WhatsApp, ChatGPT, Airtable, Google Forms... etc

Is your organisation using a digital tool in a useful or interesting way?

We can turn how you're using it into a Guide for others to learn from. Your organisation gets the credit and its own page on this site.

You could be using a digital tool:

  • To help deliver a service or to run internal operations
  • In a normal, routine way or in a more innovative way
  • To address a common, shared challenge or a unique and niche problem.

Most organisations have something worth sharing, but don't realise it!

Examples of existing guides

Here's how it works:

  1. You fill in a short form.
  2. We reply and arrange 2 x 40 minute interviews with you.
  3. We ask about how you implemented the tool and what tips you have for others.
  4. We draft a step-by-step Guide. You don’t have to do any writing.
  5. You get to approve the guide before it goes live.

When you share your work through a Guide:

  • Your organisation gets kudos and a reputation for working openly.
  • Your organisation gets its own page on the Guides website, with a description and list of Guides you've contributed.
  • Funders see you are sharing good practice. This helps with reporting to those who already fund you and with writing applications to those who could. Funders appreciate the extra value that sharing your work brings to their funding.
  • You get a mention in the fortnightly Catalyst newsletter - sent out to over 5000 subscribers - and a share on Twitter.

Tell us how you are using a digital tool

We are interested in all uses of digital tools. Here are examples of things we are keen to hear about. 

TopicGuide detailsTool used
AISimple use of AIAny AI based tool
BenchmarkingComparing my organisation's progress and resilience to other organisations using... Any digital tool or software
CRMChecking that our CRM is fit for purpose using... Any digital tool or software
CRMInnovative uses of CRMsAny digital tool or software
DataAnalysing data and insights to deliver better services using... Any digital tool or software
DataManaging and tracking data and information using... Any digital tool or software
Digital skillsBuilding digital skills in an organisation using... Any digital tool or software
Digital skillsImproving digital skills using... Any digital tool, software or hardware
Digital transformationBuilding a roadmap to prioritise what digital work to do using... Any digital tool or software
Human connectionExamples of building human connection when delivering services onlineAny digital tool or software
Jargon bustingExplaining jargon on a website in neater ways than building a separate A-Z or glossary page using... Any digital tool or software
WebsiteChecking that our website is fit for purpose using... Any digital tool or software
WebsiteMaking a new website using... Any free website building tool
WebsiteMaking a website accessible using an accessibility pluginAny accessibility plugin
Zoom innovationInnovative ways you've used Zoom to deliver online servicesAny video calling platform

We only publish Guides based on the work of non-profit organisations but we always mention if an agency helped them and who it was.

If you work for an agency and want to share some work you’ve done with a non-profit then email us their contact details or ask them to submit our form.