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Barnardo's help protect vulnerable children and young people across the UK. The children’s services team build up relationships of trust with children and young people.

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  1. Teaching young people how to cook using Instagram and Facebook Messenger

    Making learning to cook fun, safe and financially accessible. The steps could be adapted to running many other activities online.

  2. Letting young people communicate with workers via WhatsApp

    How to plan using a new communication tool. Helps you think about what you need, managing risks safely, and creating support materials.

  3. Holding shared nature walks using voice calls

    Helping isolated people. Sharing their experience of nature. For groups that do and don't meetup physically.

  4. Supporting young leaders to run online sessions using a mixed approach

    Helping young people plan and deliver online sessions to their peers. Helps empower young people. Relevant for supporting any person to go from being a participant to a volunteer or paid staff member.